Software news

IntegraCAD is the software developed to simplify production of HVAC projects.

It consist of several modules  based on valid european norms:

  • Heat losses - EN 12831
  • Heat gains - VDI 2078
  • Surface heating/cooling -  EN 1264
  • Radiators and fancoils dimensioning...

The full list of modules can be seen on the products tab

Some of the features of IntegraCAD software:

  • IntegraCAD has an builtin CAD module fully compatible with dwg format up to dwg 2013 (AutoCAD 2013).
  • Graphical calculation of heat losses directly from the CAD drawing including with the generating of floors structure just by drawing lines.
  • Semi-automatic calculation of floor heating/cooling from CAD drawing.
  • Each module can calculate results by entering values from CAD by drawing or entering data from tabular calculation.
  • Calculating and dimensioning pipelines from CAD drawing.
  • Database complete with the products from leading manufacturers of heating equipment.