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BUDERUS in new IntegraCAD Ultimate

The updated version of IntegraCAD Ultimate now has new module for Boiler room design.

All the necesary data for Buderus (Bosch coming soon) is implemented in our database. Simply input the power demand and IntegraCAD will suggest the best solution, make the boiler room schema and export the total list of parts and accesirries with product descriptions and codes.

Watch tutorial video bellow.

New integraCAD finally out

Finally We deployed the next generation of IntegraCAD software. It has a mouthfull of new features and addons. Here are some of them:

Multilanguage support
From this version of IntegraCAD all available languages are in one program and can be changed fast and easy.

External dwg reference path
Now the dwg paths that You set for floor drawings are only the external references. This means that, for example, if an architect changes the walls possition You just need to insert the new reference in the software but the pipes and everything else that You draw remains as is.

Improved file system 
An new addon for our CAD module that gives the possibility to calculate heat losses just by drawing walls, doors and windows. Calculate heat losses in an matter of minutes instead of hours. 

Info view
The view that You are currently seeing is the info view. Here You will find all sorts of information like news about software updates, new video tutorials, modules and everything else that has to do with our and Your's software IntegraCAD 2012 

Calculating coefficients

Calculating heat losses graphically

We created two versions of software:

  • IntegraCAD Ultimate

This software version has all calculations that are currently available in our software:

    1. Coefficients of Thermal Conductivity
    2. Heat losses according to EN 12831
    3. Heat gain according to VDI 2078
    4. Radiator selection for one and two pipe systems
    5. Floor heating and cooling
    6. Wall heating and cooling
    7. Fancoils selection
    8. Ducts dimensioning according to ASHRAE
    9. Piplines: heating, fancoil, domestic water, drainage
  • IntegraCAD Professional
    1. Coefficients of Thermal Conductivity
    2. Heat losses according to EN 12831
    3. Radiator selection for one and two pipe systems
    4. Floor heating and cooling
    5. Wall heating and cooling
    6. Heating pipeline

Also we can announce the upcoming modules:

  • Selection of boiler room equipment
  • Easy selection of boilers, hot water tanks, solar equipment and everything else that You need for the boiler room to operate normally. Completed with dwg schematics of the boiler room circuits. Module database is populated with Buderus and Bosch equipment

  • Calculations for Building energy efficiency certificate
  • Graphical calculation of floor heating using Draw2Calc technology
  • Graphical calculation of radiators using Draw2Calc technology

More information about new IntegraCAD You can find on our website

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